My Art

I grew up in the country side near Tokyo.  

While I was in Elementary school my friends 
and I would play baseball at lunch and after school. 

Not only did I like sports, but loved art and drawing, 
I would always keep small pieces of colored chalk 
that teachers would throw away in my pocket. 

I would draw on the sides of stones and on the sidewalk. 
I would draw birds, people and animals.  

I told my friends that I would be an artist some day. 
I never lost sight of my dream and wanted to keep art 
in my life while growing up.

A year ago, I remember sitting in my backyard and 
seeing a beautiful shinny black stone. 

I noticed how the grass and dirt create a picture on 
the stone. 

I picked it up and brought it home. 

This gave me the idea to start painting pictures 
on stones. 

I hope you enjoy the various Art Stones to remind you 
see the beauty of nature that surrounds you. 2006